Picture of Rider Biomechanics
Fascia is the connecting fabric of the body, stringing muscles together like sausage skins string sausages. It forms long chains that become 'guy ropes' for the spine and other bones. We are only stable and in balance when these chains have equal tension and are taut. Just think: would you stabilise a tent pole by lengthening the tighter guy ropes? No! This would make the whole structure collapse!


Picture of Ride With Your Mind Clinic
American international dressage rider Heather Blitz serves as the model to illustrate brilliant biomechanics, in walk, trot and canter, as well as the advanced movements. Then lessons with a number of riders at different levels show the changes they make as they take the next steps in their learning, discovering how to produce similar patterns in their bodies, and changing their horses in the process.


Picture of Ride With Your Mind Essentials
The shorter, simplified, colour illustrated version, designed to help you teach yourself, with sections on common starting points, 'the fix', and self-tests. These are coupled with advice on troubleshooting, and helpful dismounted exercises.


Picture of For the Good of the Horse
Inspired originally by the annual conference of the same name, this book revues the latest thinking within farriery, saddlery and equine dentistry. It also looks at the ethos of complimentary medicine and questions some of the assumptions we habitually make about horses.


Picture of Ride With Your Mind/The Natural Rider
Ride With Your Mind, The first book..... which begins at the beginning and looks at riding through the eyes of students at different levels of experience. It includes dismounted exercises and a large number of illustrations which help to clarify the physical, mental and emotional challenges of learning.


Picture of Learn With Your Mind Book
This booklet contains a chapter on teaching and learning, including a section on what learning is and is not. There is also a glossary of terms, a generic lesson plan, and an explanation of the required levels of achievement for 'Ride With Your Mind' certified coaches.


Picture of For the Good of the Rider
Use this book to discover how to: * Understand the biomechanics of riding * Overcome training blocks * 'Plug in' and connect with your horse * Improve your riding position * Bring the horse into self-carriage * Overcome nervousness * Become more flexible and supple * Achieve harmony with your horse * Bring joy into your riding. Sadly this book is out of print, but it is well worth sourcing from Ebay etc!


Picture of Dressage Riding - What is the Game? EBook
This is the thesis I wrote for my BSc. honours Degree in Applied Sports Coaching. I videoed 2 Olympic dressage riders working 6 year old horses, whilst repeatedly asking them 'What are you paying attention to now?'. I transcribed their answers, and considered them under a number of headings which shed light on how these riders think. I find this a very interesting piece of work; it is written in a rather academic style, but as long as you can bear with this, there is some fascinating and unexpected information here.